Herbalife Amalina Allen Peter & Mmad Abqari June 2011 Success Stories

by herbalife independant distributor on June 23, 2011

in Herbalife Malaysia

Herbalife taught us the most valuable thing in life – the
value of time!
I was introduced to Herbalife in 2007 when I was still 18 years old by my
parents, Millionaire Team Members Asriah and Allen. Back then, I was
a matriculation student enjoying life as a teenager. I had no business
background. One day, my dad brought me to a HOM. I was so inspired seeing many young people in Herbalife earning
more than RM20,000 a month and that was when I decided to make Herbalife my life-time career. In 2010, when I was
still a World Team Member, I got married and thanks to Allah, my husband fell in love with Herbalife after attending his
first Success Training Seminar. I am currently pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Dietetic while my husband is doing his
Bachelor of Pharmacy, but we see a bright future for our family in Herbalife.
Herbalife provides the best product that people of all ages need and the best support system for students like us to do the
business part-time. Since taking the Herbalife products, my health has improved tremendously. My husband has gained 8
kilos in 2 months. By just sharing the amazing products with our family and friends, we are able to earn a part-time income
and live the lifestyle that a student can only dream of. As university students, we are able to have a family, travel to more
than 5 countries a year, buy a Honda City, and the best thing that Herbalife has to offer us is the personal development
and leadership skills. Although we are only 22, we feel that we have journeyed 40 years in our life. Praise be to Allah for
this greatest gift in our life. Alhamdulillah.
When we qualified as GET Team Members on July 2010, we decided to keep working to the next level if we want to achieve
most of our dreams that we had listed for 2011. We focussed 80 per cent of our business in events. We encouraged
our team to bring in as many people to every HOM, STS, Spectacular, Zero to Hero and Extravaganza event. Thanks to
Allah for our dynamic team, where everyone worked very hard at every event. When everyone grows, we, too, will grow in
tandem. In June 2011, we qualified as Millionaire Team Members and I delivered our baby girl.
We are grateful to our parents and upline Millionaire Team Members Asriah and Allen, President’s Team Members Encik
Ayob and Puan Kamilah, Executive President’s Team Members – 1 Diamond Captain (R) Saiful and Puan Rahimah, Millionaire
Team Members Ustaz Ghazali and Dr Khadijah, for their belief in us and for guiding us to where we are today. As

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