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by herbalife independant distributor on February 23, 2013

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Herbalife Malaysia Set Your Plan and Act on It!

herbalife malaysia success

herbalife malaysia success

The Herbalife Malaysia momentum is riding high in Herbalife Malaysia and worldwide, and we have set the stage for you to forge ahead to the next level as you requalify your Supervisor status.

Requalification brings  tremendous  rewards and benefits to you as a Supervisor. You will continue to enjoy the generous benefits of 50% buying privilege on products  and 50% retail  profits, be eligible to earn Royalty Overrides, Retain your downline, be eligible to qualify for incentive trips and special trainings.

“The Herbalife Malaysia brand awareness is at an all-time high”

Herbalife is on billboards strategically placed along the North-South and East-West highways throughout Malaysia as well as through our numerous events

People are inspired by true stories, more so from people we know and work with.  We hope  you will be captivated and inspired by the stories from top leaders and high achievers as they share their magnificent journey to success with us. Winners make it happen!

Yours sincerely,


K.R. Sridhar

General Manager, Herbalife Malaysia


Herbalife Malaysia did you had your shake today?

As an Herbalife Supervisor, you have shown a commitment to helping others  change  their lives with the best nutrition products in the world.

As  part  of  Asia Pacific  region,  we  continue  to see growth  driven by the success  of thousands of Supervisors through duplication of daily consumption business  methods and increased independent Distributor engagement activities. These   three   strategies   - daily   consumption, recruiting and systemised training – have paved the way for a better,  stronger  Herbalife in Asia Pacific especially in Herbalife Malaysia.

We are so proud of what all of you have achieved by reaching Supervisor and building your organisations together with herbalife Malaysia. We want to ensure  you continue to be part of this great success now and into the future. Now is the time to focus on finishing 2012 and starting 2013 with momentum.

If you have already  requalified to  herbalife Supervisor  for 2012, we congratulate you. If you or members of your team are still working towards requalification, focus on h1s :rnportant goal and encourage your team iO  do  -he  same. One  Billion, One Million, Number One Reg on.

Herbalife Malaysia Retain your status today…

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