Herbalife online distributor Application

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Herbalife online distributor | Application

Herbalife online distributor

Q1: Is the Online Distributor Application available in all countries?
A1: You would be able to know The Online Distributor Application country list in the drop down
at our website.
** Note – In order for the prospective to apply online to become a Herbalife online distributor , their country of mailing
country and country of residence must be in the same countries where online applications
are available.
Q2: Where can I access the Herbalife online Distributor Application?
A2: The Herbalife Online Distributor Application is available at https://myen.myherbalife.com
Q3: Can I apply online if I do not have a Sponsor?
A3: We would be happy to forward your contact information to a current Herbalife Distributor
who will be able to assist you with applying for a Herbalife Distributorship.
Q4: I cannot remember my Sponsor’s ID number. Would you be able to provide me the
ID number?
A4: If you do not know your Sponsor’s ID number, please contact your Sponsor for
Q5: I received an error message indication “The Sponsor information you supplied is
not valid”, can you provide me with the correct information for my Sponsor?
A5: If you do not know your Sponsor’s ID number, please contact your Sponsor for
Q6: Does the prospective Distributor have to purchase an IBP as part of the Online
Distributor Application?
A6: The only required purchase to become an Indipendent Online Herbalife Distributor is the IBP.
In Malaysia Online IBP purchase is available. A prospective Distributor can complete their
Distributor Application online and purchase their IBP. Once the transaction is complete, they
will be issued an Herbalife ID number.
Q7: Where can I locate the Online Code to register online?
A7: The Online Code you need to register online in located on the top centre of the Distributor
Application beneath the application barcode (see example below). This is applicable to those
with prior IBP purchase.
Q8: How can I register online if my Herbalife Online Distributor Application does not have an Online
A8: If you have already purchased your IBP from your sponsor and sponsor and have a
Distributor Application that does not contain an Online Code, you will not be able to submit
your application online. Please complete the paper application form and return it to your local
Herbalife office for processing.
Q9: Is the Online Code on the Herbalife Online Distributor Application case sensitive?
A9: The Online Code on the Distributor Application is not case sensitive. Although the code
may contain both lowercase and uppercase letters, the entire code may be entered in all
lowercase (or upper case) without issue.
Q10: After I’ve completed my Distributor Application online, will I have to submit the
paper application to my local Herbalife office?
A10: Once the Online Distributor Application has been completed, you will NOT be required to
submit the paper application to Herbalife. Please remember to save a copy of your completed
Online Distributor Application for your records.
Q11: I’ve complete the Distributor Application process online and I realised I forgot to
provide some information. Can I submit the paper application to Herbalife to have my
information updated?
A11: Once the Online Distributor Application has been submitted, any changes to the
information on your Distributorship will need to go through our standard change process.
** For example, if you forgot to add your spouse, you will need to complete the Add Spouse
Request Form and submit the required information to Distributor Services Department.
Q12: I mailed my Herbalife Application to Herbalife office but I would like to now sign
up online instead. Unfortunately the colored copies of my Distributor Application do not
contain the Online Code. Would you please provide me with the Online Code to use?
A12: We are unable to provide the Online Code; however if you would like to mail or fax the
colored copy of your Distributor Application, we will be sure to process your application. If
faxing a copy of the Application, please be sure to include both side of the Agreement.
Q13: My prospective Distributors would like to register online. However they don’t have
an email address. Will they be able to register online without an email address?
A13: In order to register online, an email address is required. If your prospective Distributor
does not have an email account, a free email account can be set up at Yahoo, MSN, Google or
through their Internet Service Provider.
Q14: If my sponsor’s last name is De Avila, will I be able to register online?
A14: Yes, you can register online. When entering your Sponsor’s last name the first three
letters of the last name (example DE for De Avila).
Q15: I just signed up online but I forgot to print my Application. How can I obtain a copy?
A15: You can easily obtain a copy online at https://myen.myherbalife.com by following steps:
Under My office Tab
1) Click on “My Profile”
2) Click on “View / Print My Application”

This completes the Herbalife online distributor application.

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