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by herbalife independant distributor on November 27, 2012

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Do you envy people with slender figure who receives ‘wow’ compliment all the times? They are always the center of attraction whereas people who are plumb, fat or obese are usually ignored. That’s a pretty sad thing to know that’s how our society value beauty. It is needless for me to elaborate further because you and I know that this is a fact – the thin ones are usually regarded as more beautiful compared to the fat ones. So, if that’s the case, whether you like it or not, you just have to follow the bandwagon and learn how to BE like them (well, of course if you are happy with how you look like now, that’s fine- bravo, you can go on and ignore the whole world’s stereotype).

If you can’t take it and you feel that you simply NEED a turn-over change but feel helpless or clueless, here’s a suggestion for you. You may try to consider the Herbalife product.
Out of many supplements that I have came across all these while, I notice that Herbalife seems to gain the most popularity. In Malaysia, Herbalife has many branches. In Melaka itself, there are agents who work around at Stadium Tun Fatimah. If you are interested to know more about this product, you can try your luck during one fine evening jogging at there. They will be there around 5 in the evening.

Herbalife products

So, what’s good about Herbalife? Why am I promoting it instead of other health supplement products?
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It’ll be better if I explain the WH questions that people usually ask.
QUESTION 1:  “Which  product has the best slimming effect?”
Based on my observation in the slimming products industry, I’ll say it is Herbalife.
QUESTION 2: “Have you drunk Herbalife product before?”
Yes I did, for a while. My cousin and former employer made some for me.
QUESTION 3: “Did it work on you?”
I only drank it as sample. Thus, I cannot comment whether it will be effective on me BUT I have seen its amazing results on others. My cousin and ex-employer are the agents for Herbalife. I witnessed the way they slim down. I will not doubt its effectiveness because my cousin actually manages to slim down quite a lot by consuming Herbalife products. The effectiveness of the product is convincing to me as I know how my cousin previously look like and how she looks like today definitely tells how effective the product is.
QUESTION 4: “Is it safe? Got any side effects?”
I don’t think so it has negative side effects which are too serious to cause any adverse health damage. I have many friends and relatives who took this product for years. They are still living happily and healthily. So, I think it should be safe and no problem.
QUESTION 5: “What are the benefits of Herbalife?”
Herbalife helps people to lose weight with great health benefits. It gives you more energy, more focus and better skin. To sum up, it helps to balance your body’s nutrient needs. . Believe it or not, you are gonna get a better skin complexion after you learn how to improve the nutrients in your diet. It does make sense, isn’t it? What you eat will definitely affect how healthy your skin is.
QUESTION 6: “What kind of service does Herbalife give to its consumers?”
They offer health scanning exercise boot camps and they also coach people to achieve their perfect shape. The agents are actually the coaches. Most of them are living testimonials of Herbalife products, like my cousin and ex employer. You hardly find agents who do not consume the product themselves. Before telling you to purchase the product, they will brief you thoroughly regarding your current physical condition using a special weighing machine. The machine is incredible. It can measure your weight, fat percentage, water mass and many more. The health scanning service is costly if you were to take it privately from any private clinic. It is essential to know how your body is before making the decision whether to consume any supplements. Make sense? Something good about Herbalife is that the coach will lead you and teach you step by step on how to consume the product based on your body condition.
QUESTION 7: “Why choose Herbalife?”
The answer is simply because it works. They have more than 65 MILLION results worldwide. Herbalife is not new in the industry of weight slimming. It has been there for quite some years and it is well acknowledged. What is the best thing of all about this product that I think other brands could not afford to offer is: 30 days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
I hope that with the help of these 7 questions and answers supported by my experience and observation are helpful in convincing you to try these products. There is no harm trying herbalife product with 30 days money back guarantee if you are really determined to lose weight quickly and healthily.

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May Wong February 25, 2013 at 3:01 pm

Wow. Herbal life is such an amazing weight loss product. I came across http://www.malaysiafatburner.com and it's video by Dr OZ is interesting.


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